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We can help coordinate the overall family financial strategy with your other professional partners to execute on opportunities to preserve and enhance your wealth. ​
Successful People and Families - Fleishel Financial

We help individuals and families by…

Working with you to clearly define your specific goals for your family’s future and well-being. We keep these goals in mind as we walk you through each step in your financial plan to ensure that it is your desires that are the center of attention.

Outlining a course of personalized action steps to align your resources with your goals. After all, you have worked hard for your wealth and we want to help make sure that when you need it is able to work hard for you. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ , Tom Fleishel and his team located in DeLand are readily available to work directly with you and your family.

Coordinating with you and your other professional team partners. There are many different aspects of properly managing wealth from taxes to insurance and estate and legal matters. We work hard to make sure that all of these areas, and the professionals in charge of them, are communicating and working towards achieving your goals.

Helping you sculpt your family legacy. Whether it is through education funding for the next generation, charitable giving strategies to ensure that your philanthropic desires are met, or trust and estate planning to help protect your family we want to help make sure that you leave the family legacy that you have always desired.

Fredrick and Linda are both in their late 50s and would like to retire by 64 and 65 respectively, have 3 grown kids and five grandchildren.

Neither will have pensions but have accumulated $1.4 Million in taxable investment assets, mostly in government bonds. Linda’s employer sponsored 401(k) has $400,000 invested and she is contributing to the extent of the company match. In addition to an appropriate retirement, they would like to cover 50% of their grandchildren’s college education expense.

This is a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only.

Possible Wealth Solutions:

​Using our Financial Life Planner, we will facilitate a comprehensive list of their goals with amounts, dates and titles for each.

After analyzing their financial information, we will present a detailed list of action steps to help them achieve their goals and minimize risks in their personalized Strategic Solution.

We could develop and manage properly diversified portfolios including 401(k) allocations.

We could determine amounts needed for each grandchild to reach their college funding goals and set up college savings plans for each.

We could help them develop an updated legacy plan working with a specialized estate planning attorney.

Our Other Clients

At Fleishel Financial, our unique approach, combined with our proprietary financial planning services allows us to create a personalized approach towards helping you reach your goals.