Our Approach

Clarity & Confidence for Life® Process

1. Discover

Starting with a complimentary Discovery Call, we’ll discuss your current financial reality, what challenges you’re encountering, what’s important to you and determine if we can help simplify your life and improve your overall financial situation. Afterward, we’ll meet and explore how our team can provide even more Clarity and Confidence for your life.

2. Define

In this no-obligation Clarity Session, we’ll explore your key areas of progress and potential dangers and roadblocks that could hinder your progress. We’ll also complete a Risk Profile to assess your feelings around how your investments should be structured to provide the best chances of reaching your longer-term goals. We’ll then circle back in a follow up Strategy Session with a specific investment strategy that defines how to get your investments best aligned with your goals and concerns.

3. Design

In this deeper dive session, we explore and map out your specific goals, digging into your WHY on your personalized Financial Life Planner. We can then conduct a stress test of your plans through multiple market scenarios and conditions to determine the odds your plan design is feasible and make any needed adjustments to increase the likelihood of success. Your vision is our mission, helping you live by design is who we are.

4. Develop

We’ll develop a strategy tailored to your future vision and values with a list of action steps to execute your plan and increase the odds of getting the results you’re looking to achieve. We’ll also coordinate your plans with your other trusted professionals, such as your attorney, tax professional and insurance person. Your new Life by Design allows you to focus on what really matters in your life that you can’t delegate, like your health, time with family, career or hobbies. We’ll meet 1-2 times annually to update your goals and track your progress but we’re always available as your personal team  for any financial questions that arise.