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It can be challenging to juggle all the demands of running a business as an entrepreneur like maintaining a balance between corporate and personal cash flow, taxation and how to build wealth for your family.
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We help business owners by…

Cash management and optimizing lending solutions. Managing cash flow and providing liquidity are crucial for any business owner. We work with you to ensure that you have the access to capital that you need to provide you with cash flow and flexible liquidity.

Small business retirement plan consulting. Your business and your employees are unique; so why should your retirement plan be cookie-cutter? Our team of financial advisors and financial planners will work with you to ensure that your retirement plan is optimized based on your specific financial goals for you and for your employees.

Coordinating business and personal cash flow and taxation issues. As a small business owner it can be exhausting to keep the lines between business cash flow and personal cash flow clear. Working with you and your CPA will allow us to better manage your cash flows, and ensure that available dollars are being allocated in the best manner for your individual goals.

Risk management and insurance review to help ensure that your assets, your family, and your business are properly protected in the event that the unforeseen happens. Thomas Fleishel, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in DeLand, will work with your insurance agent to ensure that these coverages are in line with your needs and are affordable based on available cash flow

Succession Planning and exit strategies. It can often be difficult to put a value on the very thing that you have put your entire life into building. We work alongside you, your successors and key employees to make sure that in the planned, or unplanned, departure of an owner or key employee that all parties are treated fairly and that ultimately you and the business are left in a good of shape as possible.

Tony and Beth are both 61 and have a successful business. They want help with retirement and developing an exit plan for their business.

They are each taking $150,000 in W-2 wage plus $300,000 in corporate distributions from their S Corporation profits. There is still $250,000 in short-term liabilities at 7.4% from the last recession’s impact on their bottom line. Their manufacturing building is valued at $1.5 million with a $200,000 mortgage and owned by Tony individually.

​They established a Simple IRA plan for their business and are maximizing the allowable contributions. They have a $500,000 rental portfolio registered in Joint Tenants with Rights of survivorship.

This is a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only.

Possible Wealth Solutions:

​Using our Financial Life Planner, we will facilitate a comprehensive list of their goals with amounts, dates and titles for each.

After analyzing their financial information, we will present a detailed list of action steps to help them achieve their goals and minimize risks in their personalized Strategic Solution.

We could determine the optimal retirement plan based on their employee census data.

We could re-register their rental properties and the manufacturing building into an LLC for improved asset protection.

We could establish a buy-sell agreement with one or both of their two long-term employees funding with key man insurance policies.

We could help them develop an updated legacy plan working with a specialized estate planning attorney.

Our Other Clients

At Fleishel Financial, our unique approach, combined with our proprietary financial planning services allows us to create a personalized approach towards helping you reach your goals.