Ep. 2 – Fleishel Financial’s Approach To Financial Clarity

Ep. 2 – Fleishel Financial’s Approach To Financial Clarity

by | Aug 2, 2022

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Choosing your financial advisor can be difficult with only an initial fifteen-minute meeting.

And that’s because learning what your plan could be before paying can ensure you have a better understanding of your financial advisor and your financial future.

In this episode, Tom Fleishel shares the process for a new client looking to work alongside an in-house and external financial team. Tom explains what happens from the moment they make the call, revealing the two free sessions the team starts with to ensure both parties are happy before establishing an advisor-client relationship.

Tom discusses:

  • The first point of contact when a potential client calls or emails the office
  • What happens during the first two initial meetings
  • Why he includes a complementary second meeting
  • The next step after establishing the advisor-client relationship
  • And more!


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