Ep. 9 – Hack-Proof Your Life: Cybersecurity Survival with Jessica Rice

Ep. 9 – Hack-Proof Your Life: Cybersecurity Survival with Jessica Rice

by | Apr 3, 2023

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

Have you ever been approached by email, phone, or through social media with an offer that seems too good to be true?

Do you have elderly loved ones who would jump at the chance to save you from a sticky situation?

It is time to get educated and pass your knowledge to your loved ones on all things

In this episode, Tom Fleishel is joined by Jessica Rice, the business information security lead at Raymond James. Jessica uncovers some (online and offline) scams that might reel you in without your knowledge. From lottery to timeshare scams, get acquainted with easy ways you can hack-proof your life to avoid hackers getting to know your personal information.

Jessica discusses:

● How scammers play on human emotion to easily get access to personal information
● Some common red flags to look for when receiving unwanted emails and phone calls
● How you can strategically create passwords and take preventative measures to avoid your information getting hacked
● Some of the most common cybersecurity threats clients face
● What is Raymond James doing to protect their client information
● The truth about identity theft
● And more!


Connect with Tom Fleishel:
● (386) 738-1800
● fleishelfinancial@raymondjames.com
● LinkedIn: Thomas Fleishel

Connect with Jessica Rice:
● LinkedIn: Jessica Rice

About Our Guest:
As a business information security lead, Jessica Rice supports Raymond James’ largest line of business, their Private Client Group, which is made up of all retail advisor affiliations and other specialized PCG areas.

Some of Jessica’s key responsibilities include:

● Articulate a security perspective to the business and helps them understand the potential impact and possible controls in business terms
● Communicate business knowledge and requirements to the information security organization
● Advise business units in understanding regulatory information security compliance requirements