Ep. 10 – How to Talk About Finances with Your Spouse 😊

Ep. 10 – How to Talk About Finances with Your Spouse 😊

by | Aug 31, 2023

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When building a financial or retirement plan with your significant other, there are some extra items to consider.

How to discuss finances with your spouse? How to build a plan that both parties want for the future?

In this episode, Tom Fleishel explores the ins and outs of creating a financial and retirement plan with your spouse. Tom covers the importance of open communication to ensure both parties can express their wants and needs when it comes to their financial future.

Tom discusses:

  • The role of money during his and his wife’s upbringing
  • Why couples should have open dialogue about their current financial situation and their future financial goals
  • The value of meeting their financial advisor together rather than as a singular spokesperson
  • The truth about credit cards and debt
  • Ways retirement planning changes when considering more than one person’s goals
  • And more!

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