How Seniors Can Cope With Isolation

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How Seniors Can Cope With Isolation

by | May 12, 2020

While everyone is feeling a bit uncertain due to the impact of COVID-19, seniors face a particularly difficult challenge. Senior citizens are more likely to feel isolated in general and this has only been made worse in the age of social distancing. 
As our everyday routines and interactions are completely uprooted, social isolation is something to be very concerned about. Physical and emotional isolation is hard for anyone but these feelings are particularly common and damaging for older adults. In fact, seniors are especially vulnerable to these feelings impacting other areas of their health. 

If you’re worried about an elderly relative or you yourself are a senior who’s having difficulties, here are some things you can do to take care of your mental health in these odd times. 

Maintaining a regular exercise routine has a huge impact on mental health and can help fight off depression. For people who already have a healthy exercise routine, it’s important to keep going. If you’re used to attending group classes, try something online or change it up for the time begin by taking a walk around the block, following proper social distancing and safety measures, of course. If you don’t currently have a fitness routine in place, take this time to get started! There are a lot of resources available online that not only get your moving but can also help you feel more connected.

Take advantage of Telehealth.
Telehealth was already on its way to becoming a primary way of care delivery and social distancing has only accelerated its popularity. Medicare covers the cost of telehealth and it’s a much safer option than taking a trip to the doctor or to see a therapist. If you’re interested in counseling or therapy, telehealth lets you do it right from your own home. Make sure you check with your insurance provider first to make sure you’re covered.

Look into support programs.
Some Medicare plans have programs that help you find access to the resources you need. Others help you no matter what plan you have. These programs provide easily accessible support whether you’re scared and just need someone to talk to or you need to learn more about the help that’s available in your community. If you’re feeling scared or getting overwhelmed and need help right away, there are places that can help.

The world during COVID-19 is an ever-changing place and it’s easy to feel alone and scared. Don’t hesitate to use the resources available to you and your loved ones to feel a little less alone. The only way we’re going to get through this is together.


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