Fleishel Financial Associates Celebrates 25 Years

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Fleishel Financial Associates Celebrates 25 Years

by | Jun 22, 2016

25 Years is a quarter of century and the opportunity for Fleishel Financial Associates and our clients to celebrate an important anniversary milestone.   In 1989, I was launched as a fresh graduate from the Stetson University MBA program. Well, being the perpetual optimist, without a single contact or client, I was too naive to know the odds were stacked against me to build a successful wealth management practice especially in a smaller community like Deland. I remember getting a small business loan to get started on nothing much more than a promise from a very trusting bank president who took a chance on me. 
​​For a little background, growing up, both parents suffered through unfulfilling, low paying jobs from which they struggled to pay the bills and make ends meet. Without any funds or real plans for college, I joined the Army out of high school and after three years, was able to use the GI Bill to pay for my undergraduate degree and later for part of my MBA. During college, I started a small business and worked odd jobs to get by. But growing up, there was not any financial instruction, stewardship or lessons for me or my two older sisters on personal financial management. 

Having two bad job experiences in less than three years in my twenties gave me a wake-up call that motivated me to do some serious soul searching and career research. Many would have settled for something out of despair, but my stubbornness kept me hungry for something more. I ended up as one of the fortunate few who find a career that allows me to thrive in what’s called your “Unique Ability” from the Strategic Coach® program. But discovering this takes diligent research and analysis. This was a very difficult and introspective phase of my life that forced me to trust God and his sovereignty in all things and seek His will for my life. It caused me to aspire to something that would provide the opportunity to utilize my strengths and really make a difference in people’s lives. Later, using the Strengths Finder® tool, I discovered that my high achiever, deliberative and high responsibility focus was geared more for an entrepreneurial pursuit. After much research, I learned about the comprehensive wealth management approach where I finally envisioned a career that had a balance of integrating people and analytical skills, which I both enjoy. 

So 25 short years later, here we are, not without having survived lots of struggles, set- backs and disappointments as any successful goal must conquer. In our firm, I have a great team that allows all of us to use our unique abilities, mine being where I’m making meaningful connections with others and creating strategies to inspire confidence and deliberate commitment to their future growth. Through applying our core values and unique abilities, we are making an enduring difference in the lives of our clients, team, and community. What could be more fun!  

We continue to build on our foundational philosophy of putting client’s interest’s first, intentional accountability and simplifying all the complex financial issues our clients often face. We continue to improve and expand the deliverables we provide to our clients to improve their chances of achieving their goals. We are excited about our new website and enhanced communications via social media outlets that present our messaging into new channels. Also, Raymond James just rolled out the Account Aggregation tool where clients can see all of their financial information in one secure portal through their investor access log in. Along with that, there is now a highly encrypted Document Vault where they can securely store and access their key financial documents from anywhere 24/7.  

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