Off the Grid in the Mountains

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Off the Grid in the Mountains

by | Aug 11, 2017

Everyone needs a break to unwind and flush the mind with some relaxation and rejuvenating time away from the grind.   I’ve discovered family vacations can do that if planned properly and everyone has an opportunity to participate in something they enjoy doing.  Our family just enjoyed one of those that belong on the highlight reel of memories.  We spent several days in a remote cabin on the top of a mountain in North Carolina where we experienced lows in the high 50s at night and high 70s during the day- a much needed break from the sauna heat we’ve had here in central Florida.  On the way up, we had a nice overnight stay at the Jekyll Island club off the golden isle coast of South Georgia.  The history and beauty of the low country coastal region there has a magical effect for us and a nice bike ride around the paths of the island offer some really spectacular scenery.  

Our cabin in North Carolina was only accessible atop a mountain via a four- wheel drive vehicle, where the steep grade up to the top on a scary gravel road was made easily with our new Chevy 4×4.   The cabin was fitted with all the modern conveniences including a hot tub and even a foosball game.  Of course, there was a nice firepit to roast marshmallows and make smores.    Getting my daughter and wife to try out fly fishing with guides in the mountain streams was a feat in itself but we managed to catch some really nice rainbow trout that made a really nice meal that evening!  Those trout can really fight and its amazing how they’re found in some really shallow sections of the cold mountain streams. Only the kids and myself made the white-water rafting excursion and the level 2 and 3 rapids made for an exhilarating ride. You dared not flip or fall out since the water was still in the low 60s even during the summer on the Nantahala river. 

We were able to see the river from a different vantage point while riding the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad along the same river being pulled by the 1942 steam engine, only of two remaining operating engines in the U.S.  It’s a real treat to sit back, enjoy the view and some nice treats in the diner car and we loved seeing the sights and hearing the train whistle while standing in the open space between the cars. 

We also had a chance to make separate visits to my two older sisters for some quality family time as well and thank God we avoided any political discussions.   We hope you and your family are getting some great off the grid getaway time this summer as well!


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