10 Mistakes to Avoid With Family in Town for the Holidays

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10 Mistakes to Avoid With Family in Town for the Holidays

by | Dec 15, 2015

So, the family is coming to town for the Holidays……

Yes, it’s that time of year again, where all the in-laws, outlaws and long lost cousins may be converging in your private domain for what is supposed to be the best time of the year.  It’s supposed to be a time of holiday cheer and good will but as we know, family dynamics and dysfunction can lead to some disillusionment.   So, how do you head things off at the pass and keep the peace despite the quirks and peculiar personalities?  I’ve learned some hard lessons on this over the years so perhaps you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.

 So here it is: the ten errors to avoid when family visits for the holidays… 


#10 – Discuss religion or politics- you know that adds tinder to the fire.
#9 – Expect them to adhere to your house rules like no smoking in the house or showing up on time for meals.
#8 – Assume the dog or cat will warm up to them or for them to love on your pets.
#7 – Try to get everyone on the same schedule. There are many diverse customs or family traditions for Christmas morning; while some of the younger kids are ready to tear into presents at 0’ dark thirty, some of those older may need their beauty sleep until 10 am. 
#6 – Gripe about someone arriving late one evening and ringing the doorbell at 1 AM when all in the house were asleep in their beds with sugarplums dancing in their heads. 
#5 – Over-react to their comments and advice about how you’re raising your kids.
#4 – Get upset if they don’t offer to help clean up the dishes. 
#3 – Be surprised if not everyone gets excited about going to the Christmas Eve service.
#2 – Open up the liquor cabinet without some monitoring or without restrictions, you don’t want any over- imbibed grandmas getting snarly and taking a swing at someone.
#1 – Show elation and jubilation as you wave them at long last good bye…


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